Care in the home

It is designed to give you the best help and advice to ensure your needs are met and to help you or a loved one live as independently as possible. This could include help with living at home, help with social care assessments, help with paying for social care or finding the right care home. You can also find information to help meet your needs as a carer. 

Supporting disabled parents at home

If you are a disabled parent you may need support to carry out your parenting role at home. Help is available.

Who can get help?

You may be able to get support to carry out your parenting role following an assessment. The assessment will look at your abilities as a parent and your own social care needs. If eligible we will work with you to decide how your needs would best be met.


What type of support is offered?

Your needs would be met through Self-Directed Support. Self-Directed Support gives you more control of the social care services you receive and will give you greater flexibility in how you use your support. Self-Directed Support can be arranged either through a direct payment or you can ask the Council to pay directly for the package of support that you have chosen.


What if my child or children need support too?

If your child or children also have a need for support in their own right, Children's Services at Cambridgeshire County Council can also complete an assessment. In some circumstances the Children's Services and Adult Services will carry out a joint assessment and jointly arrange for services to be provided to both the parent/s and the child/ren.

The aim of supporting children and disabled parents is to ensure that children whose parents have specific needs arising out of disability or health conditions enjoy the same life chances as all other children in the county.


How to get in touch

Adult Social Care in your local area enquiries will be able to advise you about the service and also put you in touch of Children's Services if it is necessary. Contact them from 8.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 1.00pm on Saturdays.


When you contact us we'll discuss your situation over the phone, check that we've got all our facts straight and then follow this up with a visit to your home to talk about your personal and practical needs and to discuss what help is available.


Useful contacts

The Disabled Parents Network exists to support disabled parents in bringing up their children. They provide peer support where you can meet and discuss issues with other disabled parents.