Living safely at home

For many people moving safely around their home is an ongoing problem and accidents like falls can have serious consequences. These problems can be due to illness, sight or hearing loss, a physical or learning disability or just growing older and finding it harder to move around.

What is available?

If you have problems getting around your home, there is a range of specially designed equipment to help you move around safely. There are a number of retailers across Cambridgeshire where you can purchase equipment yourself or you may be entitled to an assessment and have the equipment provided to you on loan for as long as you need it.


This could be an additional stair rail to help you get up and down the stairs safely. You may need a grab handle to hold onto when getting in and out of you home. Chair raisers can take the strain out of sitting down or getting up from your low chair. A frame around your toilet seat may help you when getting on and off the toilet.


All these things are designed to help make life easier for you and enable you to stay living independently in your own home.